Pelec Mini


We are glad to introduce a new amphibious all-terrain vehicle «Pelec Mini III». This is a familiar and at the same time a completely new «Pelec Mini III», in which we have made many changes and have made it a more comfortable, safe and passable.

from: 899 000 руб.


Introducing light ATV X-DOG

This compact all-season motorized towing vehicle will become a universal assistant for anyone who loves outdoor activities. Hunting, fishing, traveling - with X-DOG everything is available to you. ATV X-DOG is capable of moving at any time of the year on almost any type of soil. On it you can overcome snow, swamp, mud or a forest windbreak. X-DOG carries up to 350 kg in a towed sleigh. This allows you to take all the necessary equipment with you and leave room for prey.

from: 95 700 руб.

Pelec Rover

Looking for a powerful and functional all-terrain vehicle? “Pelec” represents brand new updated “Rover”. Those who work o have a rest in the harsh off-road conditions rated its soft and comfortable suspension, new engine and ergonomics that was improved for the driver and passengers. “Rover” is the amphibious crawler which doesn’t cost much more than a quad bike!

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from: 975 000 руб.

Pelec Transporter

Your ambitious plans of conquering the off-road will become a reality with brand new all-terrain vehicle “Pelec Transporter”! The most functional and versatile amphibious ATV will replace several vehicles for hunters, fishermen, rescue services, and those who work in out-road conditions

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from: 1 986 325 руб.