Snow grooming drag "Snowmatic BRN 1400"

"Snowmatic BRN 1400" – equipment for ski tracks preparing. You can use it when you need to prepare track for skate skiing or for snowmobile tracks.

Due to design and construction "Snowmatic BRN 1400" becoming your best friend when you need to loosen, flatten or obturate snow cover.

There are three elements in "Snowmatic BRN 1400" construction:

  1. Loose element in front. Using for loose snow.
  2. Shearing element in middle. Using for shearing surface obstacle and ice.
  3. Configure element behind.  Using for evenly breakdown of shearing snow cover and forms longitudinal strips.

Dimensions (L * W * H), mm: 2500 (2600) * 1400 (1500) * 70.

Weight, kg: 30.5.

Цена: 41 285 руб.
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