Snowgroomer SNOWMATIC ST 200

Snowgroomer SNOWMATIC ST 200


The Snowgroomer Snowmatic ST 200 has been developed on the basis of many years of experience in the sales and service of snow compaction equipment. The Snowmatic ST 200 was specially designed for the maintenance of ski runs and biathlon stadiums, lightweight, maneuverable, economical, it is ideal for preparing ski and biathlon competitions or for laying tracks in the forest in hard-to-reach places.

Reliable, powerful and at the same time compact, the Snowmatic ST 200 is the ideal tracked vehicle for preparing cross-country ski trails both in stadiums and on rough terrain. The cargo platform has a solid and rigid base, which allows the machine to be used to transport goods or people.

The original Japanese Kubota engine, which meets the highest environmental standards, provides high reliability and efficiency. The ratrak is equipped with tracks with wide rubber bands and lugs with steel spikes, which provide reliable traction with the working surface with minimal pressure on it. The Snowmatic ST 200 can also be used as an all-terrain vehicle capable of climbing slopes at crazy angles.

Цена: 6 325 000 руб.
Технические характеристики: 
Engine power h/p100
Fuel typediesel
Engine size, cc3 769
Fuel consumption, l/hот 10
Tank capacity, l90
Body dimensions, mm3150*2250*2250
Track width, mm700
Ground speed(max), km/h20
Payload, kg700
System voltage, V12
Cухая масса, кг1800
Curb weight, kg2 200
Turning radius, m0
Скорость20 км/ч
Габариты установки (Д*В*Ш)6700*2250*2600
Price6 325 000 руб
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